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    • Rago® Shapewear is unique for its construction, High Waist/No Roll guarantee, and No Ride Up features. Rago®’s constructed tummy panel and flat seaming make for comfort, a smooth look, and above all, peace of mind. Our flat sewing and secure woven elastics prevent the garment from falling apart after washing, unlike non Made-in-America products. Other features include flexible supports for efficient contouring of the body and contour power shaping bands that give the wearer both physical and emotional security. We offer light control shapewear made with a lighter fabric with 4-way stretch. Rago® Shapewear prides itself on their technical superiority and the integrity of their original, Made-in-USA products.

      Rago® has been designing and manufacturing Shapewear since 1945. Special techniques such as circle bonds have been recognized worldwide as exceptional garment construction.

      Recognition has been noted on the Dr. Oz Show, InStyle Magazine, “0” Oprah Magazine, Best of Intima, Glamour Magazine and by consumers worldwide.

    • Find your most beautiful look using these important tips:

      - Decide which style is best for your body and what areas you wish to target.

      - Consider your comfort level by looking at the control level of the garment (See below for more on levels of control).

      - Look for the right fabric. If you live in a warmer climate, consider cotton or similar fabrics.

    • - Get the right fit. You may be tempted to buy a smaller size in shapewear to look smaller but shapewear that is too small will be difficult to wear for long periods of time and may affect breathing and movement. Instead, find shapewear size that will fit to the proper measurements of your body. Rago Shapewear offers detailed size charts for each garment so that you get just the right fit.

    • - Think about the features of the garment. Look for features that will serve those areas of your body you want to focus on for support and shaping.

      - Don't settle for ill-fitting shapewear. If your shapewear does not stay in place or begins to roll down from your waist or bunch up on your legs, try another size.

    Control Levels:

    Light Control– Similar to the support provided by control top pantyhose. Light control offers gentle shaping without panels or binding.

    Medium Control- Provides additional smoothness with a moderate amount of control and compression.

    Firm Control- Provides excellent control and support to problem areas and creates a slimming effect.

    Extra Firm Control- Provides the highest level of shapewear support and targets problem areas with specific compression.

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